To beg for pardon

Minister KyengePerhaps it was the reason for which I decided to open this blog, or perhaps just the last drop…

But let’s start from the very beginning. As many know, in this moment Italy has a coalition government formed by members of the moderate leftist party PD and of the moderate rightist party PDL. The PD party chose to have as minister for the integration of foreigners a medical doctor of Congolese origins (but, obviously, naturalized Italian). Up to here nothing strange in a society which is becoming multi-ethnic. The problem is that we also have a sort of separatist party of the North of Italy, called Lega Nord, which has always been against the migration. Here is were troubles start. Two days ago, during a meeting of his party, the vice-president of the Italian Senate, one of the leaders of Lega, decided to compare the minister to an orango and to say she could have been a good minister, but in Congo. The reactions by all the members of the other parties have been immediate, asking to the vice-president to resign, he has begged for pardon to the minister and the members of his party go on saying that as he did so, he doesn’t need to resign.

This made me think about the meaning of pardon. Is to beg for pardon enough to erase the offence of such a racist statement?

It’s difficult to give an answer. We are said we should pardon 70 times 7 but pardon doesn’t always mean restoration. There is an old theological debate about Job: he is deprived by God of his wife and sons, then he is given a new family back… but what about the old family? Is a new family a total compensation for the loss of the previous one?

I suppose, once the action is done, the only possibility is just to beg for pardon but, even thinking this begging for pardon is sincere (and I think none could ever think it is in this case), the fact remains and, mainly, the mentality that brought to the statement of the vice-president goes on being his own mentality: clearly he thinks that an Afro-origined person is like an animal, that she, being born in another country, can’t be a minister in the country she chose to live in, although she got the nationality.

Once I was said people having nothing become much more territorial, thinking the territory is their only possession. This is understandable. But it’s peculiar that the majority of the members of Lega Nord are middle-class people, that the vice-president, he himself a medical doctor, for sure can’t be consider a representor of the sub-proletarians.

So, which is the element moving to such a Middle Ages mentality? Which is the reason to create such absurd walls like the ones linked to the colour of the skin or to the birth place in the mind of a supposedly acculturated man? What are you lacking mr. vice-president? What are you afraid of? Walls are products of fear: what is making you and your mates so fearful to reach the point to deny humanity to another human being?

The real point is one: as a politician you can represent people like you and with your same ideas. No problem. But, as the vice-president of the Italian senate, you are not representing only them. So, do what you want with your charge, but you should beg for pardon not only to the minister but also to all the Italians (and I’m sure they are the majority) not being so afraid to think that any human being is a human being with a dignity, before any other consideration, if any other consideration could ever apply.

It’s just an opinion.