I am Lawrence.

English by birth, Italian by adoption, I am a Unitarian minister in Milan, Italy. I studied in Italy, UK, Canada and USA and got a DA in Religious Studies, an MA in Biblical Studies, a PhD in History of the Church and a M.Div. in Unitarian Ministry. I’m serving in the Northern District of the C.U.I. (Italian Unitarian Communion) as a Christian Unitarian pastor.

Here in Italy the Unitarians are just a bunch of people surrounded by a fully Catholic population. Perhaps this allows us to have a sort of “different vision” on some elements related to morals, politics, society and relations among religions.

What I’d like to do here is to share my vision about some of these points, trying to give to my friends around the world an opinion (which is actually just personal ) about what we live on daily bases and, perhaps another perspective about Italy.

I hope you will enjoy the reading.

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