Easter, every day

untitled (2)So they crucified a man, a great man, accusing him to have the will to become a king. He didn’t step back: he had spoken of God and, perhaps, from God and he didn’t want to step back, though he could, deciding to be a real man up to the end.

Now he is dead and some mourn him. Me too I mourn him today. I mourn the loss of  a man who spoke about peace, love, justice. Symbolically I went to visit his tomb, the tomb of the body of a man, and meditated about what  he tried to teach us.

Then, tomorrow, someone will claim he has overcome. Men don’t overcome, gods do and Saul’s followers knew it well.  Tomorrow, for me, that tomb won’t be empty: men don’t come back from death and there will still be the body of the master.

By the way, he will have overcome. Actually, he has already overcome today, he has already overcome yesterday: he has overcome inside of me each time I remember his teachings, each time his words give me the hope a fairer world is possibile.

He has overcome and now lives forever, until someone will try to act according to his words and dreams.

Have a good Easter … every day of your life!

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